When asked by my wife, Judi, what was my most memorable part of the weekend, I initially replied that it had to be seeing those tiny waders close up – truly amazing. But, on reflection, I now believe that my most abiding memory will be the passion and absolute enjoyment that you yourself so obviously have for, not just ornithology as a subject, but the birds themselves. It’s one thing to have in depth knowledge of a subject, but having an almost emotional connection takes it to another level entirely.

John Hurst, Henlow

I found the field work thoroughly enjoyable and instructive and am grateful to you for your expertise. Your approach to birdwatching, using your ears as much as your eyes and noting common species along with the more exotic birds was a revelation to me. I can see that recording the trips on Birdtrack is a great way to give something back by providing additional information to our community. I have started to adopt your approach and, although I need to spend some time improving my knowledge of calls, I can see this is a more sustainable and less selfish way to enjoy birding.

Mike Farrar, Wellingborough

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